Worriless holidays


Even if things are going differently than usual at the moment, nothing has changed our hospitality. We also adhere to the necessary safety measures and distance guidelines, but of course still ensure that you can enjoy your stay here with us and the time in Ötztal to the full.

On this page you will find a summary of our measures, which we update on a regular basis and adapt according to the current circumstances (entry requirements). You can find our temporarily  cancellation conditions here!

So that you can spend a carefree time in Ötztal and at our KATHRIN apartment house, we always strictly adhere to the following measures and ask you to do so too:



  •  Wash and disinfect hands regularly
  •  Ventilate rooms very well and regularly
  •  Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  •  Compliance of the minimum distance 
  •  Reduction of guest contacts (online check-in)
  •  Regular disinfection of toilet facilities, door handles and common areas
  •  Washing of bed linen and towels at the highest permitted temperature
  •  Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects (keycards) as well as apartments/rooms
  •  In the breakfast room there are sufficient possibilities for hand disinfection and also disposable gloves are available
  •  Disinfectant dispensers are available throughout the hotel

Specials & Inclusives

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